Music: Michael Goldberg
Lyrics: Eric Worden

Have you heard the story of the Ironclads?
Began a revolutionary Naval fad
Everyone should know, right here in Hampton Roads
The Confederate Navy had the Merrimack
Covered her with iron and prepared for attack
The C.S.S. Virginia was her newborn name
The Civil War was ragin', the South they were a wagin'
The Grey could be the first to sing
Iron is King

The Union had a mighty fleet all made of wood
But Secretary Wells said, "that ain't no good"
'Till Ericsson's Folly became a boat-by-golly
People said the Monitor was quite a craft
Kinda like a cheesebox...on a raft
On the Ninth of March of 1862
The boilers were a churnin', the turret was a turnin'
The Blue could be the first to sing
Iron is King

(Well it was) Quite a sight at sea...half tortoise, half-a-boat
And no one could believe that heavy metal could float
Just beyond Monroe for a four-hour fight
The blasting of the cannons turned the day into night
You can still...hear...the...sound

Worden and Buchanan would both claim victory
Cuz no one had to "Sink Before Surrender" you see
Some called it a "draw" but America won
The key to build a Navy fleet that's second-to-none

Iron is King

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