One Million People"
Music: Michael Goldberg
Lyrics: Eric Worden

(1st verse)
One million people standing at the ready
One million people with impassioned hearts
One million people waiting for a call one and all
Somewhere a cold and lonely child is crying
Somewhere a home is being torn apart
Somewhere it's raining and it will not cease help us please

One million volunteers across this land
One million friends to give a helping hand
One million neighbors with a will to give
To 'somewhere' people with a will to live .
(chant under to the beat "people helping people helping people
helping .)

(2nd verse)
One million reasons you should think of giving
One million units of life-saving blood
One million dollars for families in distress the answer's YES!
Somewhere a homeless person needs some shelter
Somewhere the earth is shaking, it won't stop
Somewhere is closer is closer than you think in just one blink

One million heroes would be there for you
One million rescuers to pull you through
One million answers to your painful plea
If you were 'somewhere' in a time of need
(chant under to the beat "people helping people helping people helping )

(3rd verse build and strong finish)
One million people to hold back the rain
>From the tornado and the hurricane
One million people knocking on your door through the downpour
One million people to protect you from harm
>From an inferno or a tropical storm
One million people who promise to be there anywhere
One million voices calling out with hope
One million mercy flights to war-torn lands
One million moments won't you take a vow the time is NOW!

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